Caprasia Rosado (Box of 6)


Wine making

This wine is a prelude to our red wine with barrel of bobal and merlot, it has harvest two weeks earlier to get the freshness and the acidity of a white wine and the smothness of a red, only with crushed red grapes, without maceration and pressing, with fermentation at low temperatures to obtain an extraction of clean and fresh aroma.

Aged in light toasted oak barrels previously used for white wines.

Tasting notes

Bright and salmon tone typical of the non maceration with the skins, with a strong perfume reminds wild strawberries with hints of very fresh fruit.

A long-lasting, joyful flavour, full taste, warm with a pleasant acidic balance.

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From our bobal & merlot on the Finca Casa Alfaro, where the vines are in vase and espaliered in a chalky clay soil.