Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and mint 250ml


Extra virgin olive oil and mint essential oil. Organic
Commonly consumed in our surroundings, both for cooking and decorating and infuse. Very aromatic plant, refreshing and healer with tonic and stimulant virtues.

“Recommend this oil to dress the lettuce, beans, peas and cream vegetable soups. For fruits like strawberry, pear and orange … especially with chocolate”.

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Molí dels Torms is the dream of two historic families who arrived to the olive oil world through different paths but since 2005 work together with a common ideology: To produce a high quality ecological extra virgin olive oil, with its well-known organoleptic value, fruit from our respect for nature and for whom enjoy it.

Tradition and innovation
Combining the knowledge and experience of the tradition, talent and innovation has given to Moli dels Torms the correct attitude to grow and improve with equilibrium and respect.