Stop The Water All Natural White Sage Cedar Body Lotion 200ml


A gentle and refreshing daily body treatment. The vegan body lotion leaves the skin caressably soft and is infused with the invigorating scent of white sage. With a slight woodland note of cedar the moisturizing body lotion awakens your senses while whisking you away through the forests of Finland.

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Jojoba oil: Obtained from the nuts of the jojoba shrub. It absorbs quickly and acts like a protective sheath on the skin that prevents it from drying out. It reliably and sustainably combats moisture loss from the stratum corneum and regenerates even highly stressed skin, leaving it feeling silky soft. Shea butter: Obtained from the nuts of the karité tree, this regulates the skin’s moisture levels and nourishes, soothes and smoothes the skin. Shea butter protects the skin’s lipid barrier and is also well suited for treating dry skin or skin that is suffering from neurodermatitis or has damaged barriers.