Sylvain Speculoos 125g


When you ask a member of the Speculoos family for the time, they’ll offer you their watch. Their birthday parties are extremely popular because every guest goes in with a small present and comes out with a big one. Generosity is also the most accurate way to describe the taste of their legendary cookies. Interesting fact: in their family tree there is mention of a certain Nicolas de Speculas, a spaniard who was later declared a Saint. Coincidence?

INGREDIENTS: buckwheat flour, cane sugar, butter, potato starch, eggs, milk, spices. Raising agents: sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate.

NUTRITIONAL VALUES/100G: Energy 484Kcal/2026Kj; Proteins 6.5g; Fat 21g, of which saturates 11.7g; Carbohydrates 74.3g, of which sugars 36.7g; Salt: 0.03g.

ALLERGENS: milk and lactose, eggs. May contain traces of nuts.

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Our bakery offers a range of handmade, organic and gluten free products. Organic, gluten-free and yet … full of taste!
It is indeed the constant search of new flavors that guides us while we bake our biscuits. Our workshop is located in Brussels, at the crossing of the canal and the Senne rivers, where we create little indulgence full of taste following the long tradition of belgian cookies baking.