Seven Good Reasons Why You Should Switch to Drinking Organic Wine

Seven Good Reasons Why You Should Switch to Drinking Organic Wine

As with many products we consume, large scale production over the past decades has meant that products are no longer as natural as they used to be. Wine is no different. The reasons to switch to drinking organic wine are powerful and logical. If you are a lover of a good glass of wine, be it with a special dinner or over a deep philosophical discussion with good friends or a celebration with your family, there are good reasons why you should be doing it with organic wine versus conventional mass produced wine.

1. Organic wine is free from pesticide, herbicide and fungicide.

Your typical wine will come from grapes that were sprayed with toxic chemicals to protect them from disease. Organic wine production is free from all these chemicals. Drinking organic wine and knowing there are no artificial and synthetic chemicals inside is priceless.

2. Organic wine has less sulphites.

In order for grapes to be protected from oxidization, large scale producers tend to inject wine with excess sulphites in order to preserve and stabilize the wine and mask any imperfections. But sulphites are not that healthy and can cause allergies. Organic wine producers use less or practically no sulphites in their production process, so you get all the benefit from that.

3. Organic wine is less likely to give you a hangover.

Excessive sulphites are also the main cause of hangovers from wine. Organic wines made by smaller scale, family run wineries, use less sulphites, so you can enjoy that glass without the dreaded hangover the next day. However, organic wine just like non organic wine is best enjoyed in moderation, not excess.

4. Organic wine steers away from negative environmental impact.

Since organic wine producers use no chemicals to treat their grapes, the environment doesn’t suffer. Organic wine production does not contaminate the soil and water supply during the wine production process avoiding negative environmental impact during the production process.

5. Organic winemakers are eco-friendly and strongly focused on sustainability.

Organic winemakers have a clear eco-friendly focus and are therefore focused on sustainability. Not using chemicals in the production process is a must, but many are also keen to go “carbon neutral” or be “solar powered” so if you care about sustainability, you are making a positive contribution to future generations by choosing an organic wine.

6. Organic wine is good for your health.

Natural wine produces the purest form of alcohol that exists, providing beneficial antioxidants without any harmful chemical substances. Antioxidants in wine offer a range of health benefits, including: reducing the risk of heart attack, lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke as well as cutting the risk of colon cancer and slowing brain decline.

7. Organic wine is a lifestyle choice and says a lot about you and your attitudes.

If you care about your health, what you eat and drink, about your future, the environment, the planet and the evolution of mankind, drinking organic wine instead of non-organic wine is a lifestyle choice, a philosophical attitude and a way of living that contributes with positive change.

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